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Important renewable energy
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Solar energy is the world's most important renewable energy, many solar energy technology has reached a practical stage, such as solar photovoltaic power generation technology and solar energy in the low-temperature heat collection technology, and some solar technology is in a breakthrough overnight. As the most basic thermal physics in solar energy utilization, it is becoming more and more important in the development and innovation of solar energy technology.

Solar energy utilization involves all aspects of society, large enough to provide electricity for the country, small to provide hot water for the family. In the sky in the ground without the use of solar energy figures. However, it provides the convenience and service for human society, but also how to use it efficiently. Its thin, volatile and difficult to store and so on, so that people have a headache, which also produced some basic thermophysical problems.

Today's solar energy utilization has been quite extensive, and sunlight as a high-quality energy can be converted into almost any other form of energy, including chemical energy and biomass. For example, solar energy can be converted into heat, electricity, sound energy, cooling capacity and kinetic energy, can also be used for desalination of seawater, metallurgy and disinfection and other fields. Throughout the process of solar energy utilization and transformation, especially solar thermal or thermodynamic conversion process, mainly include the following aspects: the process of solar light capture and energy conversion; heat absorption and transmission process; heat storage and exchange process ; Thermoelectric conversion and waste heat utilization process; solar system and the relationship between the user system. The basic thermophysical issues involved are also included in these processes, and efficiency and economy are key objective parameters.