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Low cost, high pressure
- Sep 22, 2017 -

The main components of the LED bulb are: drive, lamp beads, lamp beads substrate, radiator, PC cover, PBT shell, lamp.

Mainly divided into: RC driver and IC driver

RC drive voltage fluctuation range is very narrow, encountered voltage instability, it is easy to burn. The new light source can use the low voltage range of 100V-130V, high voltage range of 220-240V. The voltage is too high will burn, too low will be dark, there is strobe.

The IC driver can accept 10% of the voltage fluctuation range, usually can use the low voltage range of 90-160V, high pressure range of 160-260V, no flicker.

2 LED bulb lamp beads used

According to the size of the main 2835 and 5730 lamp beads

2835 lamp beads refers to the size of 3.5 (length) × 2.8 (width) × 0.8 (thick) mm LED lamp beads, the general 3W LED bulb each 2835 lamp beads power 0.2W, 9W, 12W LED ball Each 2835 lamp light bulb power 0.5W.

5730 lamp beads refers to the size of 5.7 (length) × 3.0 (width) × 0.8 (thick) mm LED lamp beads, generally 5W, 7W LED bulb each 5730 lamp beads power 0.5W.

Compared to 5730 lamp beads, 2835 brightness, heat and other comprehensive performance better, 2835 in the LED industry has become a lamp, bulb, panel lights and other lamps designated LED lamp beads.

3 LED bulb lamp beads substrate

Mainly divided into glass plate and aluminum plate

Glass fiber board: made of glass fiber cloth, low cost, high pressure, but poor heat dissipation.

Aluminum plate: by a special metal-based CCL, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance is poor, the cost is higher.

In the high-end LED bulb basically will use high-quality aluminum plate.

4 LED bulb radiator

Radiator that aluminum cover

LED bulbs are made of plastic aluminum structure, fully integrated with the plastic insulation, corrosion resistance and metal aluminum thermal characteristics of fast, coupled with a unique air convection structure, making the heat more quickly, to ensure life expectancy and reduce light failure.

5 LED bulb lamp cover

Commonly on the market are milk white cover, transparent cover two, materials are PC, glass, ceramics, silicone and so on.

Today, LED bulb lamp shade number of PC cover the best, translucent 85 ~ 90%, light uniform, soft, of course, the price is the most expensive.