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Really no dark area
- Sep 22, 2017 -

LED downlight is a kind of embedded in the ceiling under the light of the lighting type lighting. Belonging to the directional lighting, only its opposite surface to be light, beam angle is focused, the light is more concentrated, bright and dark contrast. LED downlight has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color, fast response, no UV, infrared radiation, no heat, no damage by the photo. LED downlight design beautiful and lightweight, the installation can be achieved to maintain the overall unity of the building decoration and perfect, light source hidden architectural interior, the light is not exposed, no glare, increase the soft atmosphere of space.

From the traditional downlight to LED downlight, downlight light source in the constantly upgrading, from the previous fluorescent lamp to the straw hat lamp, LED high power lamp beads, and then to today's SMD lamp beads (SMD) and LED integrated light source (COB) , LED downlight development can be described as a year a step.

LED downlight on the light source there are three:

The first type: SMD lamp (SMD), using a number of small and medium power LED such as 5630,5730,4040,7070 and other 1W and below the LED, the technology is stable and mature, high brightness, soft light, single power low Low heat, good heat dissipation, long life, light color uniform, in line with LED downlight full board light source needs, the real realization of no dark areas.

The second: high-power lamp beads, using a few power in the 1 ~ 3W LED.

The third: integrated light source (COB), deep cover type, with anti-glare, brightness, illumination, strength, high light efficiency, high color rendering index and so on.

The optical design of LED downlight


(SMD) as a downlight source, because the number of LED more, as much as possible to cover the entire light source cavity, so that the work of the LED can change the heat distribution of a wider, easy to heat, but also to avoid Local temperature overheating. Because the LED distribution is more dispersed, the light source to the smooth surface distance can be designed to be relatively small, you can achieve the effect of uniform spot, so the use of SMD lamp beads (SMD) downlight can be designed to reduce the height of the downlight.

Integrated light source (COB):

The use of integrated light source (COB) as a downlight source, because the integrated light source has its own circuit board, in use only need to be fixed, so compared to SMD lamp (SMD) to save the cost of aluminum and patch cost. As the integrated light source (COB) power is relatively large, LED in the work, the heat is more concentrated, so the thermal design requirements are higher; Second, the integrated light source of the light surface is relatively small, in order to avoid the light produced in the light Spot, usually need to integrate the light source to the smooth surface of the relatively large, which requires a relatively high height of the reflector, so the use of integrated light source of the lamp height will be higher, the whole volume of the lamp is relatively large. In order to be able to reduce the height of the entire downlight, you can use a high reflectivity reflector to reduce the height of the reflector.

LED Downlight Category:

1, installation: embedded downlight and mounted downlights

2, places: home downlight and engineering downlight. 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch belong to the public, usually used in hotels, office buildings and public places.

3, features: monochrome downlight and variable light downlight.