Down Light LED

low profile led ceiling light Main Features and Advantages 1.Low profile led ceiling light body is made by high-quality thermally conductive plastic + aluminum radiator which can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem. 2.Driver and light body with a terminal line connection. 3. Low...

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Down light LED

Products description:

1. We lways to try our best to produce Safe, Reliable and Quality featured down light LED, we concern what you are concerning.

2. This down light LED listed with 50,000 hours long lifespan, 34 years based on average household use, durable,low maintenance and cost.

3. The down light LED without flickers and humming. E26/27 base, Compatible with most 5-in and 6-in housings.

4. Energy star, qualified 9W down light, 75W halogen equivalent, save up to 80% on your annual electricity cost.

5. down light LED can be take control of your lighting needs with the ability to reduce to 10% lighting output, so you can take delight in a pleasant atmosphere every time.

Details of Down light LED:


Products Techinical Strenths: 

1. Original Taiwan Epistar or Epleds LED chip in high brightness performance. Low brightness decline in long time and long life. High CRI and low glare.

2. Pure high heat conductivity aluminum special design heat sink. Low working temperature of the light is guaranteed.

3. Consultant intelligent IC driver, PF= 0.9, with all kinds of protections to make sure the lamp will be in stability and reliability.

4. Different power, opening, diameter and design are available. COB type and each chip 1W type, transparent cover and foggy cover type, special process in satin silver, draw bench or spay.

5. Best in price and quality guaranteed for sourcing the products from our factory directly.

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