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LED As The Lighting Cost Is The Most Important
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1. Shell: shell by the heat of aluminum, plastic cover, lamp beads plate composition. The three inside, the most common heat pipe, open a mold, the aluminum stuffed into the well, but also the most simple. Plastic cover, sorry, as long as you want to achieve good uniformity, while there is a good light transmission rate, as if in addition to the Japanese Teijin is Japan's Mitsubishi, China's really no one can get on the table. As for the aluminum plate made in Japan made of aluminum plate is very smooth, and China is relatively rough.

2. lamp beads, which is part of the LED T8 lamp in the light

If you want to have good quality, you must have a good lamp beads, the world recognized good quality beads are the United States Corey, Purui, Europe, Philips, Osram, South Korea's Samsung, LG, Seoul, Taiwan's crystal Yuan, Japan's Toshiba, Toyota synthesis, Sharp, Citizen.

3. drive, it was called power. This is the heart of LED lights, how long a lamp life, his good or bad accounted for 90%. Then you see, the left side of this thing has two small, black cylinders. Electrolytic capacitor is the best in Japan, there are rubies, black King Kong, Taiwan, there are several good, such as Wan Yu.

It seems that there seems to be nothing in China, right? But the fact is that more than 90% of the world's LED lights made in China, LED chip localization rate of 80% in China's strong production capacity, Philips had to take the low-end line, OSRAM soon disappeared, Samsung out of the lighting industry, Taiwan system annihilated. LED lighting equipment as the most cost-effective, we have the advantages of the world's factories, as long as we can create things can be mass-produced, where we can create things prices have dropped to almost cost, which is our own needs, Demand a lot of expensive you can not afford, you say that the lamp beads, before a few dozen, and now seems to be a few dollars to a few dollars can buy, foreigners in the amount of competition with us? He can not. Since it was bought, manufacturers naturally will not have much to enhance the quality of power, to the market saturation, good quality products to improve the profitability of the time, manufacturers will go to improve the quality of a long time naturally go up. Before the Japanese household appliances Niubi, and now there is the domestic share of the number of Japanese home appliances, right

In short, we have to face up to the advantages of developed countries, but do not be self-defeating. Their technology and capital accumulation for a long time, good quality, good quality is not normal. But how long can this advantage last, how long can lead China? You do not worry, we like the same, with the Qin Dynasty Qin Qin Xiang Wang said the words, you slowly earn, no good earned a few years.