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No Rough Feeling, Good Heat Dissipation
- Sep 22, 2017 -

With some domestic manufacturers of technology and production costs, LED lighting applause is not the situation will change. Cheap LED lighting products, will give China's lighting industry to bring a revolutionary impact for the vast number of consumers bring the gospel of light!

Choose the method of LED corn lamp

LED corn light source

LED light source (also known as LED lamp beads) have domestic lamp beads and imported lamp beads (including the US chip, the Japanese chip, the German chip, etc.). Ask the manufacturers when the lamp beads must be clear when, because the beads are different, the price gap is great. Imported LED lamp beads price is more expensive, in the production of customers are generally required to specify the requirements, the customer did not require the general use of the domestic lamp beads, good value for money. But there are bad business manufacturers in order to profit will use garbage lamp beads to cheat customers that are imported lamp beads and so on.

LED light bulb light lit light color is consistent

At present there are many small enterprises in the domestic packaging factory because there is no color resolution. Will illuminate the light according to the color is not the same, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality.

LED corn lamp shell material

General corn lamp will use aluminum lamp body and plastic lamp holder. Aluminum is not only beautiful and smooth appearance, no rough feeling, and good heat dissipation.

LED corn lamp brightness

Different brightness of the LED lights at different prices, ordinary brightness and highlight the price of LED lights have a certain gap. So customers understand the time must be clear that they need what kind of brightness, so as to accurately locate their own products to facilitate the manufacturers to give you the exact price.