• White Water Kayak

    White Water KayakProducts description:
    1.The white water kayak is a stable kayak that performs well in surf, rivers, and flat water and is easy to paddle for any age or experience level.

  • Flat Water Kayak

    Flat Water KayakProducts description:
    1.The single Constructed with a rotomold injected body to ensure your kayak will never crack or puncture and will last for years to come!

  • Sea Kayak

    Sea KayakProducts description:
    1.The sea kayak GK-11 is a great stable kayak for fishing or recreational use.
    2.The sea kayak sit-on-top seat provides back stability, ventilation, and drainage without limiting stroke.

  • 2 Person Kayak

    2 Person Kayak1.The 2 person kayak is Ideal for family adventures on the water, the FireFly Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements is designed to be a compact, recreational kayak.

  • Two Person Kayak

    Two Person Kayak1.The two person kayak is simple but full-featured, the Pescador comes with a stadium-style seat that can be reclined when you're feeling ready for a mid-day nap, or it can be left in the upright position when you're paddling out to your honey hole.

  • Single Seat Kayak

    Single Seat KayakProducts description:
    1.The single seat kayak tandem kayak is a sit on top kayak perfect for those wanting to fish, explore, or paddle with a companion.

  • Rotational Molding Kayak

    Rotational Molding KayakProducts description:
    1.The rotational molding kayak is a sit on top kayak perfect for those wanting to fish, explore, or paddle with a companion.

  • Ocean Kayak

    Ocean KayakProducts description:
    1.The ocean kayak is a compact, recreational inflatable kayak with several unique features to improve performance and durability.

  • Fishing Kayak

    Fishing KayakProducts description:
    1.Lightweight design of the The fishing kayak requires minimal effort to paddle and the comfortable backrests are perfect for extended fishing trips

  • Sit in Kayak

    Sit in KayakProducts description:
    1.Hull and deck design of the sit in kayak allows easy stacking of multiple hulls for easy on dock storage,Comfortable whatever your leg length may be

  • Sit on Top Kayak

    Sit on Top KayakProducts description:
    1.The sit on top kayak GK-17 has all the features anglers demand like extra rod holders, large rear tank well, adjustable foot braces, front and center hatches, tackle tray holders mount accessories.